What’s Involved in Annual Sump Pump Maintenance?

sump pump maintenanceStay on top of sump pump maintenance so your equipment will be ready if you need it. Sump pumps often spend long periods of time idle. Concealed in a covered basin in the basement floor, a sump pump may operate intermittently when ground water rises or only in rare cases like floods or pipe ruptures. Continue reading

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Whole-House Humidification Can Keep Your Cincinnati Home Comfortable

whole-house humidificationWhen life gets uncomfortable this time of year, low home humidity is often to blame. Cold air doesn’t hold moisture well, so falling temperatures bring reduced humidity levels. Running a furnace amplifies the problem, making it easy for indoor humidity to plummet below 30 percent. Whole-house humidification is the effective solution to ensure comfort throughout the heating season. Continue reading

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Preventing Dirty Ductwork Is in Homeowners’ Hands

preventing dirty ductworkAll of the air in your home is going to move through the air ducts at some point, and most will re-circulate many times before flowing out of exterior vents. Debris or organisms inside the air ducts will contaminate that circulating air, which is then deposited into the living spaces for your family to breath. Here are some steps for preventing dirty ductwork to protect your indoor air quality. Continue reading

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Plumbing Myths Cincinnati Homeowners Shouldn’t Fall For

plumbing mythsPlumbing myths are the stuff of good story-telling but they can cost you money, too, if you believe them. Every technology has its fables and folk tales—like the old wives’ tale that dirty cars get better gas mileage than clean cars. The truth is, there’s not much about household plumbing that isn’t scientifically established by now and, while plumbing techniques and materials are constantly evolving, the basic principles are well-established. Take any tall tales you may hear with a grain of salt, but particularly watch out for these plumbing myths. Continue reading

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The 3-Step Process to Complete Before Upgrading a Heating System

Upgrading a Home Heating SystemIf you’re thinking about an HVAC system upgrade, there are three steps you should go through before upgrading a heating system. The following three-step process can help maximize your home so you’re sure to get the right size heating system for your comfort needs.  Continue reading

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Maximize Home Heating and Reduce Costs With These Tips

Maximize Home Heating and Reduce Costs Now that outside temperatures are getting lower, it’s time to take a serious look at how you can reduce heating costs in your Greater Cincinnati area home. Here are four strategies that we recommend. Continue reading

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How to Handle Starting Up a Boiler After a Summer of Inactivity

Starting Up a Boiler After a Summer of InactivityChilly winter weather will soon be upon the greater Cincinnati area, which means you’ll be counting on your home’s heating system to keep you comfortable. If you have a boiler, it’s a good idea to schedule routine maintenance to make sure everything’s in working order before starting it back up. This will not only help ensure your system’s ready to go when you need it, but it will also keep the equipment safe and more energy efficient. Learn what steps you should take when starting up a boiler after summer. Continue reading

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Troubleshooting Help for Cincinnati Homeowners With a Problematic Gas Furnace

troubleshooting gas furnace If you’re dealing with a gas furnace that’s not working to keep your Cincinnati home warm as the weather cools down, you may need to check it out for common issues. Troubleshooting a gas furnace may be a simple task, but it’s also possible that the furnace is in need of major repairs or even a replacement. Get to know how to safely inspect the furnace before shelling out the money for HVAC services. Continue reading

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How Cincinnati Homeowners Can Benefit From Working With an NATE Certified HVAC Tech

NATE certified HVAC techBecause you rely on your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment for comfort much of the year, it’s a good idea to look into the benefits of NATE certified HVAC techs when you’re selecting the right contractor for your system. While all HVAC contractors in Ohio have to be licensed by the state, only a few have achieved NATE certification — the highest achievement in the HVAC industry. Continue reading

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Does Your Cincinnati Home Have Adequate Insulation in All the Right Places?

home insulation The adequacy of insulation is a key factor in your Cincinnati home’s comfort and energy efficiency. If your house was constructed with energy savings in mind, it should have insulation that meets the Department of Energy’s R-value recommendations for our region in the exterior walls, attic and basement or flooring. Continue reading

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