Fall’s the Time to Hire a Handyman for Gutter Cleaning and Repair

gutter cleaning and repairGutter cleaning and repair deserve top spots on your fall maintenance list. Hiring a handyman to handle this task is the safest route to avoid potential personal injury from wobbly ladders and unstable footing. Leaving this particular fall maintenance job to the experts insures work is done quickly and properly. Continue reading

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Installing a New Air Conditioner in Your Cincy Home? Do It This Fall

new air conditionerInstalling a new air conditioner doesn’t have to be an inconvenient, budget-draining ordeal if it’s timed right. Fall is the best time to replace an older air conditioner, and here’s why: Continue reading

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Remodeling the Kitchen of Your Cincy Home? How Our Handyman Services Can Help

Remodeling the KitchenCan you imagine remodeling the kitchen for a whole new look? Are you wondering how you can afford kitchen remodeling on a budget and find a skilled, dependable professional to do the job? You can achieve these goals quickly, conveniently and affordably with skilled handyman services from a trusted local business. Continue reading

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How Your Programmable Thermostat Can Help You Keep Warm

programmable thermostatsKeeping your Cincinnati house warm during the fall and winter can be quite expensive, especially as energy prices continue to rise. By installing a programmable thermostat, however, you can keep your home comfortable throughout the heating season while reducing monthly heating bills. For the greatest amount of savings, use the following tips to choose the most efficient settings for your programmable thermostat. Continue reading

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What’s Your Expert Likely to Do During a Furnace Inspection?

furnace inspectionNow that the heat of summer has passed, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming heating season, which will be all too soon in the Cincinnati area. While the weather is still mild and your HVAC contractor is between busy seasons, it’s a good idea to schedule a fall furnace inspection and have routine maintenance performed on your system. Continue reading

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Maintenance Plan or Warranty: How Do They Compare?

maintenance planThe condition of your HVAC system is important to your comfort and safety throughout the year. Maintenance plans and warranties are available to protect your HVAC system, but how do you know which one to choose? There are several key differences between each of these protection options that help you understand the value of each of them. Continue reading

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Do Your Homework Before You Shop for a New Furnace

new furnaceWhen you shop for a new furnace, the two most crucial factors to consider are the size of the furnace and its energy efficiency. Of the two, paying special attention to the sizing process will help you get the best performance from the system. Continue reading

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Get Chimney Repairs Completed Before the Cooler Ohio Temperatures Arrive

chimney repairsIf you’ve put off making chimney repairs through the warm season, don’t delay any further. As cold weather approaches, the chimney should receive its annual inspection and any outstanding maintenance issues should be resolved. Continue reading

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Balanced Humidity: A Topic Most Cincy Homeowners Avoid But Shouldn’t

home humidityLike many home comfort issues, balanced home humidity is a matter of “not too little, but not too much.” Getting it just right in all seasons, however, doesn’t happen naturally. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends limiting indoor humidity to the range of 30 percent to 60 percent. Here in southern Ohio, high humidity’s a summer issue. Keeping humidity above 30 percent can be a challenge during cold dry winter weather. Continue reading

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The Quality of Your Home’s Indoor Air Has a Direct Impact on the HVAC System

indoor air impacts HVAC systemThe recent trend toward energy conservation has led to tighter home construction and more effective weatherization. Unless there’s ample ventilation, today’s homes can trap a cocktail of pollutants indoors, including biological contaminants, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), allergens and a host of airborne particles. All types of indoor pollution can affect health and well-being, but high levels of airborne particles have a direct impact on the HVAC system. Continue reading

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