Maintaining Proper Attic Ventilation Keeps Your Roof in Good Shape

attic ventilationThe effects of inadequate attic ventilation travel both down and up. It’s well known that a broiling hot attic conducts heat down into your living spaces, making the A/C work overtime to offset it. Most people are aware, too, that excess attic humidity can saturate attic insulation and trigger mold that affects indoor air quality. However, attic ventilation issues also impact what’s overhead: your roof. The right temperature for an attic is as close to the outdoor temperature as possible, with a relative humidity that approximates the living spaces.
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Fall Maintenance Tasks to Complete Around Your Cincinnati Home

fall home maintenanceAs each season arrives, you need to buckle down and make some changes to your Cincinnati home in order to maintain its energy efficiency and basic cleanliness. The fall season is no different. In fact, we’ve compiled some of our favorite fall home maintenance tasks that will help you keep your home in order for the months to come:
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Heating Systems: Choose Carefully for Your New Home or Renovations

heating systemsChoosing heating systems for a new or existing home is always easier when you know more about the best kinds for our climate, which include gas-powered systems and heat pumps that rely on electricity to move three times and more of heat energy into your home per unit of energy they use.
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What’s Triggering Allergies in Your Cincinnati Home?

triggering allergiesYour home should be a comfortable haven, but if anyone in your family suffers from allergies, exposure to everyday household substances can make life miserable. Learning what may be triggering allergies inside your home and taking steps to remedy the problem can help:
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How to Drain a Water Heater

water heaterIn many homes, the water heater is the most frequently replaced major appliance. Without proper maintenance, the life span can be as little as six years. Draining a water heater annually can extend service life, as well as improve performance and reduce operating costs.
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Make the Most of Back-to-School Energy Savings

back-to-school energy savingsFall is a transitional time, when leaves and temperatures drop and families settle back in to a familiar routine. After a summer filled with increased energy usage from the television, video games and A/C, take advantage of this decrease in activity to enjoy some back-to-school energy savings; here’s how.
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Fixing a Clogged Drain: Some Pointers

 Fixing a Clogged DrainIs your sink suddenly slow to drain, or your bathtub totally backed up? For many cases, there’s no need to rush to call a plumber for fixing a clogged drain. Homeowners can use these tips and tools to save themselves time and money. Continue reading

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Save Energy as the Temperatures Decline With These Handy Tips

Save Energy as the Temperatures DeclineShorter days and cooler temperatures are subtle reminders for what’s to come in the months ahead. While you’re preparing your home for the harsh reality of a Cincinnati winter, consider making some additional changes to help conserve energy and lower your monthly heating bill. Here are some great energy saving tips to get you started.  Continue reading

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Pose These Questions to Professionals Before Hiring an HVAC Contractor

questions for HVAC contractorsHiring an HVAC contractor who you can trust with the care of your home’s HVAC equipment can sometimes be an arduous task. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. Simply ask these questions and you’ll find one in no time: Continue reading

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What’s the Difference Between Deck Sealing and Staining?

deck sealing and stainingAfter cleaning the deck for the first time this summer, you may find that it’s not looking as good as it did last year. You may want to spruce it up with a sealant or stain. Knowing the difference between the two is important before you do anything. So what is the difference between deck sealing and staining? Continue reading

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