3 Indicators That the Life Span of Your Home’s Air Conditioner Is Nearing Its End

Air conditioner life spanWhen your home’s air conditioner is humming along in good working order, you’re able to enjoy a cool, comfortable haven from the summer heat and humidity. If the system’s reliability is questionable, though, you’re no doubt wondering how long it will last and how you’ll know it’s time to consider replacement. There are some easy-to-spot indicators that can warn you that the A/C is nearing the end of its service life: Continue reading

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Squeaky Floors Driving You Nuts? Use Handyman Services for Thorough Floor Repair

Squeaky Floors When you walk across the floor of your greater Cincinnati home, are you annoyed by a strange squeaking or popping sound? Did you think your shoes might be causing it, or maybe mice? By now you know that a squeaking floorboard or tile is there to stay unless you opt for cost-effective and convenient floor repair. Continue reading

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Installing New Light Fixtures? Put Thought Into Both Design and Energy Efficiency

installing light fixturesWhether you’re building a new home or just updating an older one, installing light fixtures requires some thought if you want to maximize energy efficiency. It can be part of a whole-house system approach to energy savings. Continue reading

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Adding Insulation to Your Cincinnati Home Has Year-Round Benefits

adding insulationDoes the idea of adding insulation make you think of winter? Many greater Cincinnati homeowners forget about the boost in comfort and savings available in the summer cooling season from insulation. Now’s a great time to have your local handyman add insulation to make your home more cost-effective to cool this season and heat in winter. The best place to begin is in the attic. Continue reading

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Central Air Conditioning Basics: What Every Cincinnati Homeowner Should Know

central air conditioningWhether you’re looking at upgrading your current central air conditioning system or you’re considering installing A/C for the first time, you need to learn a few things about this effective home cooling method before you make a change. Here’s what every Cincinnati homeowner should know. Continue reading

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SEER, COP and EER: The A/C Efficiency Ratings That Impact Your Cincy A/C System

A/C efficiency ratingsKnowing the efficiency ratings of your Cincy A/C can tell you how much energy it takes to keep your home cool in the summer. There are three A/C efficiency ratings you need to understand if you’re replacing your air conditioner: SEER, COP and EER. Continue reading

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Looking for Summer Energy Savings? 4 Myths That May Be Hindering Your Plan

summer energy savingsWhen temperatures soar outside, it’s up to you to adopt the correct practices for summer energy savings. Unfortunately, many myths surround the most effective ways to beat the heat. Here are five to watch out for: Continue reading

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Types of Molding and Trim That Can Dress Up the Rooms of Your Cincinnati Home

molding and trimDecorative molding adds character and can dress up your room, emphasize a certain design style or finish a look. Various types of molding and trim can be found around windows and doors, around the top or bottom edge of a wall or even toward the middle at chair-back height.

If you’re thinking of adding different types of molding and trim, you have a world of choices to compliment the décor of your greater Cincinnati home. Here are just some of the possibilities:
Continue reading

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What’s the Difference Between Grout and Caulk?

caulkGrout and caulk are both essential substances in home improvement and renovation. It may seem like they perform the same functions because they are both adhesive, but there are actually a few major differences between grout and caulk in terms of how they are contained, the preparation required for use, and the problems that they each remedy.
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Common Drywall Mistakes That Can Be Remedied With the Help of a Pro Handyman

Drywall not only helps frame a room, but it also provides a blank canvas for the homeowner. Done correctly, the end result is a seamless finish that becomes one with the rest of the home. There are, however, some common drywall mistakes that can leave you less than satisfied with the results, unless the drywall is installed by a seasoned professional.
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